Research & Teaching

This page was last updated on July 23, 2014. This page contains information about my research (publications and work in progress), awards and honors, teaching, invited talks, and case studies. 

  • Download current CV here [updated 07/23/2014]
  • Publications:
    1. "Which Products Are Best Suited To Mobile Advertising? A Field Study of Mobile Display Advertising Effects on Consumer Attitudes and Intentions" with Yakov Bart and Miklos Sarvary. Journal of Marketing Research forthcoming 2014 [download here]
    2. "Making Mobile Ads That Work" with Yakov Bart and Miklos Sarvary. Harvard Business Review 2013 [download here]
    3. "Intrinsic Versus Image-Related Motivations in Social Media: Why Do People Contribute Content to Twitter?" with Olivier Toubia. Marketing Science 2013 [download here]
    4. "Are Close Friends the Enemy? Online Social Networks, Self-Esteem, and Self-Control" with Keith Wilcox. Journal of Consumer Research 2013 [download here]
    5. "The Effects of Traditional and Social Earned Media on Sales: A Study of a Microlending Marketplace" with Jeff Galak. Journal of Marketing Research 2012 [download here + web appendix]
    6. "Feeling the Future: The Emotional Oracle Effect" with Michel Tuan Pham and Leonard Lee. Journal of Consumer Research 2012 [download here]
    7. "The Trust in Feelings Manipulation: An Alternative Method for Studying the Reliance on Affect and Feelings in Judgments and Decisions" with Tamar Avnet and Michel Tuan Pham. Journal of Consumer Research 2012
    8. "Micro-Finance Decision Making: A Field Study of Prosocial Lending" with Deborah Small and Jeff Galak. Journal of Marketing Research 2011 [download here]
    9. "Deriving Value from Social Commerce Networks" with Olivier Toubia. Journal of Marketing Research 2010 [download here]
    10. "Customer to Customer Interactions: New Opportunities and Research Directions" with Barak Libai, Ruth Bolton, Marnix Bugel, Ko DeRuyter, Oliver Gotz and Hans Risselada. Journal of Service Research 2010 [download here]
    11. "Explaining the Power-Law Degree Distribution in a Social Commerce Network" with Olivier Toubia. Social Networks 2009 [download here]
    12. "On Feelings as a Heuristic for Making Offers in Ultimatum Negotiations" with Michel Tuan Pham. Psychological Science 2008 [download here]
    13. "Interfirm Behavior and Goal Alignment in Relational Exchanges" with Leonard Coote. Journal of Business Research 2007 [download here]
  • Working Papers/Under Review/Revising:
    1. "Lower Connectivity Is Better: The Effects Of Network Structure On Customer Innovativeness In Interdependent Ideation Tasks" with Peter Zubcsek and Jacob Goldenberg. Revising for 3rd round at JMR [download May 2014 working paper here].
    2. "Designing Incentives For Word-Of-Mouth Communications That Speed Up Information Diffusion: How Positive Externalities Affect Customers' Transmission Behaviors" with Donald Lehmann. Under review at JM [download June 2014 working paper here].
    3. "Word of Mouth Spillovers in Viral Marketing Campaigns" with Inyoung Chae, Yakov Bart, and Dai Yang. Under review at Marketing Science.
    4. "Using Social Media Monitoring Data to Forecast Online Word of Mouth Valence: A Network-Based Perspective" with Felipe Thomaz and Vanitha Swaminathan. Revising for 2nd round at JMR [download July 2013 working paper here].
    5. "How Missing Deadlines and Being Busy Affect Productivity" with Keith Wilcox, Juliano Laran, and Peter Zubcsek.
    6. "Beating the Backlash: Overcoming Negative Consumer Responses To Incentivized Consumer-Generated Reviews" with Christilene Du Plessis, Yakov Bart, and Dilney Goncalves.
    7. "Social Media Content That Works: Drivers Of Audience Engagement With Branded Social Media Content On Facebook" with Michael Sciandra and Jeff Inman.
    8. "Creating Contagion: How Social Networks and Item Characteristics Combine To Drive Persistent Social Epidemics" with Jonah Berger.
    9. "Online Shopping and Social Media: Friend Or Foe?" with Yuchi Zhang, Michael Trusov, and Zainab Jamal.
    10. "The Effect of Source Activity on the Decision to Retransmit Content in Social Media" with Yaniv Dover, Lev Muchnik, and Jacob Goldenberg.
    11. "The Effects of Inter-firm Networks on Technology Startup Investment and Monetization" with Isaac Dinner.
    12. "Collective Feelings: The Predictable and Systematic Nature of Human Expressions of Emotions Over Time" with Nicole Verrochi Coleman.
Awards, Honors, and Grants
  • Finalist - 2014 Marketing Science / Management Science John Little Award for best paper published in 2013 
  • Named one of the most productive researchers in marketing for 2009-2013 based on publications in the top-four marketing journals
  • Marketing Science Institute research grant for research on social media content strategy (2013)
  • Co-Chair, Marketing Science Institute Research Proposal Competition on Social Media (2013-2014)
  • Excellence in Research Award, Katz Graduate School of Business, University of Pittsburgh (2011-2012, 2012-2013)
  • Excellence in Teaching Award for MBA and EMBA programs, Katz Graduate School of Business, University of Pittsburgh (2011-2013, 2012-2013)
  • Finalist - 2013 Journal of Marketing Research Paul E. Green Award for best paper published in JMR in 2012
  • Lead article, Marketing Science for Toubia and Stephen (2013)
  • PNC research grant for consumer financial health research (2013)
  • Marketing Science Institute research grant for research on co-creation marketplaces (2013).
  • Marketing Science Institute Young Scholar (2013).
  • Winner - 2013 ecch Case Awards for best marketing case study (Ford Fiesta Movement).
  • Winner - 2012 American Marketing Association Donald R. Lehmann Award for best dissertation-based article published in the Journal of Marketing Research or the Journal of Marketing in 2010 or 2011. 
  • Excellence in Research Award, Katz Graduate School of Business, University of Pittsburgh (2011-2012)
  • Excellence in Teaching Award for undergraduate, MBA, and EMBA programs, Katz Graduate School of Business, University of Pittsburgh (2011-2012)
  • Listed as one of the Top 50 business school professors on Twitter by (2012)
  • Faculty Honoree - 2012 Honors Convocation, University of Pittsburgh
  • Invited Faculty - 2012 Direct Marketing Educational Foundation Professors Institute 
  • Finalist - 2011 Journal of Marketing Research Paul E. Green Award for best paper published in JMR in 2010
  • Recipient - 2011 Marketing Science Institute Research Award (4-1683) for research on new product ideation in social networks
  • Invited Faculty - 2011 AMA-Sheth Marketing Doctoral Consortium
  • Winner - 2010 American Marketing Association John A. Howard Dissertation Award for best marketing dissertation in 2009
  • Winner - 2010 Google & WPP Marketing Research Award for research on mobile marketing
  • Winner - 2010 INSEAD Dean's Commendation for Excellence in MBA Teaching
  • Winner - 2008 Marketing Science Institute Alden G. Clayton Dissertation Award for best marketing dissertation proposal in 2008
  • Honorable Mention - 2008 DMEF Shankar-Spiegel Dissertation Award for best marketing dissertation proposal in 2008

  • University of Pittsburgh, 2011-present
    • Marketing and Social Media Strategy [MBA] [course website]
      • Elective; required for Digital Marketing Certificate program; 3 credits, immersion format
    • Digital and Social Media Analytics [MBA] [course website]
      • Immersion elective; required for Digital Marketing Certificate program; 1.5 credits, immersion format
    • Advertising and Social Media Strategy [Undergraduate] - not teaching in 2013
      • Elective; 3 credits, full semester format
    • Social Media Strategy [EMBA]
      • Elective; 1.5 credits, immersion format; offered in Pittsburgh and Prague
    • Marketing Proseminar [PhD]
      • Required; 3 credits, full semester format in even-numbered years
  • Columbia Business School, 2011, 2012, 2014
    • Using Social Media In Marketing Strategy [MBA] (2014)
    • Social Media Marketing Strategy [MBA] (2011)
    • Executive Education social media marketing module in Strategic Marketing Management program (2012)
  • INSEAD, 2009-2011
    • Advertising and Social Media Strategy [MBA]
      • Teaching excellence award
    • Digital and Social Media [MBA]
      • Field trip course to New York
      • Elective
    • Social Media [EMBA]
      • Elective
    • Executive Education social media modules in
      • International Marketing Program (open enrollment)
      • International Executive Diploma in Entrepreneurship and Management (open enrollment)
      • Sanofi Pasteur Marketing Excellence Program (company program)
      • TNK-BP Alumni Executive Conference (company program)

Invited Talks and Presentations
  • Cornell University, marketing camp (scheduled)
  • Oxford University, marketing seminar
  • University of Mannheim, economics of information/communication technology conference
  • Dartmouth College, marketing camp
  • CMO Club Summit, keynote address
  • Society for Consumer Psychology, doctoral symposium
  • IDC Herzliya, Israel, marketing seminar
  • University of Georgia, marketing seminar
  • Tulane University, marketing seminar
  • University of Houston, marketing seminar
  • Marketing Science Institute, Immersion Conference
  • Northwestern University, marketing seminar
  • Marketing Science Institute, Workshop on Social Media and Social Interactions
  • National University of Singapore, marketing seminar
  • Australian School of Business (University of New South Wales, Sydney), marketing seminar
  • Harvard Business School, marketing seminar
  • University of Queensland, marketing camp
  • The Wharton School, University of Pennsylvania, marketing seminar
  • Pittsburgh Area Network Scholars seminar (CMU and Pitt), invited talk
  • Australian National University, marketing camp
  • Advertising Educational Foundation, annual symposium
  • University of California, Los Angeles, marketing camp
  • Marketing Academic Research Colloquium (CMU, Maryland, Penn State, Pittsburgh), invited talk
  • Queen's University, marketing seminar
  • New York University, Social Media Measurement Conference, invited panelist
  • Carnegie Mellon University, Center for Behavioral and Decision Research seminar
  • Marketing Science Institute, Digital Marketing Communications Conference, invited talk
  • Marketing Science Institute, 50th Anniversary Conference, invited panelist
  • University of Miami, marketing seminar
  • Hebrew University of Jerusalem, marketing seminar
  • Carnegie Mellon University, marketing seminar
  • Wharton Interactive Media Initiative, Social Networks conference, invited talk
  • Emory University, marketing seminar
  • London Business School, marketing seminar
  • INSEAD, marketing seminar
  • New York University, marketing seminar
  • University of California, San Diego, marketing seminar
  • University of Florida, marketing seminar
  • University of Maryland, marketing seminar
  • University of Pittsburgh, marketing seminar
  • University of Queensland, marketing seminar
  • University of Technology, Sydney, marketing seminar
  • Washington University in St. Louis, marketing seminar
  • Yahoo! Research Human Social Dynamics group, invited talk

Case Studies
  • Ford Fiesta Movement (INSEAD; winner marketing case of the year 2013) - using viral marketing to launch a new car in the U.S. and how to keep interest high over the length of the campaign.
  • Nicole Nic's Sticks by OPI Launch Campaign (INSEAD) - selecting seeds for a pre-launch viral marketing campaign and which seed characteristics are better predictors of word of mouth behavior.
  • Google Street View in France (INSEAD) - using product features that are easier to talk about to promote a struggling product and how to trigger social sharing and keep users engaged over multiple campaigns.
  • in India (INSEAD) - growing a travel search engine business in India without advertising and whether relying on word of mouth and social media to drive buzz and usage makes sense compared to alternative approaches.
  • The Atlantic Monthly: Strategies for Revitalizing a Brand (INSEAD) - refreshing a magazine brand and how to bring it into the era of digital and social media.
  • Spotify (INSEAD) - the business of music streaming and online radio stations and how to retain users.
  • DeltaAssist (U of Pittsburgh) - how a large global airline uses Twitter as a highly effective and efficient customer service/support channel and how to make sure it remains successful in the long run as customers' expectations change.
  • e2 Kickstarter Campaign (U of Pittsburgh) - how a small local restaurant set up a month-long Kickstarter fundraising campaign and what they could do using Facebook and other social channels to ensure continued success after the first week.
  • American Eagle Outfitters Skinny Skinny Jeans Campaign (U of Pittsburgh) - should AEO launch a raunchy April Fools Day prank campaign designed to "go viral" in social media?
  • DEWmocracy (U of Pittsburgh) - PepsiCo's use of crowdsourcing and democratic product development processes to engage hardcore fans of Mountain Dew.
  • Beyonce (U of Pittsburgh) - how the pop superstar released her late-2013 self-titled album by surprise using social media and whether this is a viable product launch strategy.